What are you watching?

Over the past few months, I’ve really endeavoured to try and seek out some Christian platforms across the internet. I was in a place where I really needed some godly role models and places I could go and I know they were wholesome and “not of this world” but at the same time not painfully boring.

So, I wanted to list some Christian creators I have found and have fallen in love with over the past year. There are far more out there who I am yet to discover, so if you know of any awesome people – let me know!

(Also, I’ve found that there are loads of these kinds of people, but not all of them you’ll love – like any  band or YouTuber, not everything fits your taste.)

And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

Phillipians 4:8

*EDIT – The list has become fairly long, but I wouldn’t suggest anyone I didn’t love and didn’t think was worth your time*


I only have one blog and that is Girl Got Faith. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t spent hours trawling the internet looking for the best blogs, but this one is perfect for any teenage girl. It is beautifully written by a range of bloggers and it’s soul purpose is for young girls to continue to pursue God in their everyday life. Definitely worth a visit.


  1. Girl Got Faith recently have set up a youtube channel alongside their website, as someone who cannot sing their praises enough I recommend you check out their videos too.
  2. Jess and Gabriel Conte – across a range of channels (Gabriel Conte, Jess Conte, Jess and Gabriel) the Conte’s are an incredible young couple, with a pretty epic love story, who’s life is fully built upon Jesus. If you’re into arty, beautiful videos – Gabe’s content is visually stunning as well as being God centred. If you’re looking for a place to start on his channel, I’d suggest How I Became SO SUCCESSFUL. Elsewhere, I think their wedding video is a really good introduction to them as a couple and it really highlights their values. Alongside Gabe’s stunning vlogs, they also have a joint vlog which is more casual but always enjoyable.
  3. Kristen Johns – married to Marcus Johns (they also have a joint channel,) Kristen is te kind of person you want to be your best friend. She is wholesome with an awesome sense of style and some amazing tips. She is basically a Christian version of any of your favourite YouTubers and if you’re into puppies, they’ve recently added Camper to their family, an adorable labrador puppy.
  4. Cody and Lexi – keeping it in the family, Cody Johns is Marcus’ older brother and they are also all friends with the Contes. Once again, a married couple centred around Jesus trying to pursue a life of music and acting in Hollywood. They create advice videos, discussions and your usual tags as well as the occasional vlog.
  5. Morgan Yates – None of the above are show-y in your face Christians, but if you want you’re “normal” YouTuber and the knowledge they have an important faith – Morgan is a pretty good bet. I’m pretty new to Morgan’s channel but she posts some amazing content and is perfect to sit and watch with a cup of tea/coffee at the start or end, or any time of your day.
  6. JorgenFam – I first discovered Jon Jorgenson through the Amina Series when I first started using youtube. His spoken word and sermons are inspiring and full of wisdom, and his podcasts are also definitely worth the listen. Instead of a daily vlog, the couple now film a weekly show on their joint channel which is 20-ish minutes of joy. They have various discussions and games and are another lovely couple to watch.
  7. Kirbyisaboss – Kirby is just a gem. She is funny and quirky, and someone else I want to add to my best friends list. Full of energy, her channel is packed with skits, Jesus-videos and tutorials. I personally think she’s amazing and I check every Monday morning to see what she has uploaded (time differences :/) – arguably up there as one of my favourites.
  8. Sadie Robertson – I’ve never watched Duck Dynasty but Sadie is one of the daughters on the show. She is so clearly in love with God and promoting her faith and has an array of awesome videos, there aren’t that many and some are fairly old but it’s worth it. I’d recommend her video “A message to my fellow college age friends” it’s about 30 minutes long but is a great talk and worth the time.
  9. BlimeyCow – I thought I’d end on a channel which is worth visiting every now and then for a giggle. Taking the mic is what they do best and all the videos on this channel have me in stitches. Christian pick-up lines are my all time favourite and they have their fair share of them to spread.

I now set you off to go have a binge session on Youtube and see if any of the above lure you to subscribe. I think they are up there with the Zoellas of the world, with the added bonus of promoting Jesus.

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