So far in my life, the only experience I’d had of leaving school was moving from primary to secondary school. Now, I’m sure at the time that was a massive and scary thing for me, I’m sure it wasn’t as huge as I thought it was. The James Bond leaver’s party (to which I wore my first ever New Look dress, I was cool) and the assemblies and awards were super fun at the time, I knew I was moving on to a more exciting portion of my life.

Fast forward 7 years, I’m leaving secondary school. I’m yet to go to my Valedictory ball, but as a whole, I can’t say there’s been as much fuss. The chaos and stress of A Levels seemed to be non-stop since September, so when I finished my exams at 11.15am on the 23rd of June it seemed pretty anti-climatic. There were no fireworks as I left the exam hall, I wasn’t met with cheers from my friends or a glass of champagne. Instead, I went to see some of my teachers and then walked out of school like it was any other day. Arguably this is way more intense than moving from Year 6 to 7, but it doesn’t seem to have the same dramatics as the move to secondary school.

Perhaps this is because I made the decision not to go to university this year (I’m sure I will explain in great detail some other time,) however, I am still moving away this coming September to start my year on the New Wine Discipleship Year.  As autumn draws near I’m having a cocktail of feelings. On the one hand, I cannot wait to move away from the town I’ve spent 18 years in and have probably outgrown. On the other hand, I’m getting very sentimental and nostalgic as I walk around Penarth and Cardiff and meet up with friends. What I can say is that I’m expectant to see what comes next, even if there haven’t been fireworks.

I want to finish this first rambly post (I do hope I get better at this) by saying that to anyone who feels they could never possibly leave school, that was me 6 months ago, it’s okay to let go. But those people who cannot wait to get on to their next stage of life, whatever it may be, take some time to appreciate the beauty in the past and present whilst you can.

So, that’s me done for now.

Again, I do hope I get better at this, but we shall have to wait and see.


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